n2n Page Rocket 1 API


Deprecated types

Type Comment
ReflectionClassMag It is !!!VERY DANGEROUS!!! to use this Option Please use this only for ModuleConfiguration!!!
AjahResponse No Comment found.
HtmlResponse No Comment found.
JsonResponse No Comment found.

Deprecated methods

Method Comment
CriteriaComparator::endWhere No Comment found.
IoUtils::createFile No Comment found.
N2nLocale::toHttpId No Comment found.
N2nLocale::parseHttpN2nLocaleId No Comment found.
Logger::shutdown Safely close all appenders.
AppenderFile::setFileName Sets the 'file' parmeter. Left for legacy reasons.
AppenderFile::getFileName Returns the 'file' parmeter. Left for legacy reasons.
RollingFile::setMaximumFileSize Set the 'maxFileSize' parameter (kept for backward compatibility).
LoggingEvent::getTime Returns the time in milliseconds passed from the beginning of execution to the time the event was constructed.
GuiDefinition::getAllGuiIdPaths No Comment found.
AdaptableEiPropConfigurator::isPropertyAssignable No Comment found.

Deprecated properties

No deprecated fields were found.

Deprecated constants

No deprecated constants were found.